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Price Space Transfer Databases Comments
FREE 100MB Unlimited Access No ads. No pop-ups.
FREE 100MB Unlimited Access No ads. No pop-ups. (Unix)
Free 10MB 30MB MySQL Free shared SSL
$5 mo/$44.55 yr. 250MB 10GB MySQL 3 Add-on domains
$10 mo/$89.55 yr. 500MB 20GB MySQL 10 add-on domains, telnet, SSH access
$15 mo/$134.55 yr. 1024MB 40GB MySQL Unlimited add-on domains, telnet, SSH access (Windows)
$6 mo/$53.55 yr. ($5 mo) 125MB 10GB Access(10), MySQL(10) DNS Mgmt (MX/CNAME Records), Unique IP (+$2/mo), SSL w/o setup fee, anon FTP, $5 plan has no .net, Audio/Video Streaming, URL Redirection, Personal CGI-BIN
$12 mo/$107.55 yr. ($9mo) 250MB 20GB Access(unlimited), MySQL
$18 mo/$161.55 yr. ($14 mo) 500MB 40GB Access(unlimited),MySQL
$8-11 mo 1.2-2.4 GB 40-100GB MySQL, Access Windows Plesk control panel, dotnetnuke hosting
$5-9 mo 0.5-2.4 GB 6-100 GB 1-unlimited MySQL Unix Cpanel
$30-300 mo 5-20 GB 150-500 GB Sql-Server (5-20) + Unlimited Sites
$8 mo. 400MB 40 GB MySql (1)
$7 mo/$60($5) yr. $96($4) TwoYr 5 GB 20GB None 5 subdomains, cgi, PHP, perl
$15 mo/$120($10) yr. $192($8) TwoYr 10 GB 40GB MySQL(5) + OSCommerce, PHPNuke, PHPBB2, Static IP, 25 subdomains, spam filter, Free Domain Registration
$27 mo/$240($20) yr. $408($17) TwoYr 20 GB 60GB MySQL(50) + JSP, Python, Invision Board, PHPOpen Chat, FormMail
$12 mo/$96 yr.($8 mo) 1.5 GB 50GB MySQL(Unlimited) Guest Book, etc.
$14 mo/$120 yr. ($10 mo) 1.7 GB 55GB MySQL(Unlimited) Two Domains
$16 mo/$144 yr. ($12 mo) 1.9 GMB 65GB MySQL(Unlimited) Three Domains
$7 mo/$66 yr. 200MB 5GB MySQL(Unlimited) SSH, Cron
$8 mo/$88 yr. 300MB 10GB MySQL(Unlimited)
$10 mo/$110 yr. 400MB 15GB MySQL(Unlimited) (Unix)
$8 mo/$81.95 ($7 yr.) 10 GB 50GB MySQL(Unlimited) Unlimited sub-domains, domain parking, domain pointers, Pop3/IMap Email, Email Addresses, Mailing Lists, Catch-All Email, Unlimited FTP, Spam Assassin, Unlimited Domain Parking, Unique IP ($35+$2/mo), SSL ($50 & $100 annually purchased and installed, Java, Perl, CGI Support, Python, PHP, SSI SSH, Invision Forum Board, Interchange Shopping Cart, PHP Nuke, PHP Auction, OS Commerce Cart, phpLinks, Post-Nuke Content Management System, PHProjekt b2(Blog), Xoops Portal System, 4Images Gallery, pMachine, Moodle, Noahs Classifieds, PHPlist, WebCalendar, cron jobs, $8 plan hosts 1 domain, $11 2 domains, $17 3 domains,
$11 mo/$120.45 yr. 1.25 GB 80GB MySql(unlimited)
$17 mo/$186.45 yr. 1.75 GB 100GB MySQL(unlimited) $10 mo/$30.00 qtr. 150MB 4GB Access(unlimited)
$15 mo/$134.55 yr. 500MB 40GB Access(unlimited),MySQL
$7.77 mo/$93.24 yr. 1000MB 5GB/day MySQL  

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